Chris Isaak

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Chris Isaak Pencil Portrait
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Whatever happened to Chris Isaak? Actually nothing out of the ordinary for a man intent on ploughing life’s field in his own inimitable way. With no obvious regard to crass commercial considerations, and having seduced British audiences in the 1990s with his hits Wicked Game and Blue Hotel, both of which were associated with the films of the director David Lynch, of Twin Peaks fame, the singer from Stockton, California, returned to America, where he became the star of his own television show.

Today, in his early sixties, his matinee idol looks remain largely unaffected by the passage of time. The Gretsch white falcon is still in use and his upbeat live shows remain liberally sprinkled with numbers that explore feelings of loneliness, heartache and various other shades of romantic despair. The voice is pitched elegantly between the pillars of Elvis Presley and Roy Orbison, with an air of retro-cool as he runs down one immaculately groomed tune after another.

I recently purchased a mint copy of his 2015 album First Comes the night for a pound (an irresistible temptation for an old rocker like me) and whilst he still seems rarely stretched vocally or physically, there remains a perennial dynamic energy underpinning each performance. Hints of pioneering rockabilly fretwork from the likes of Hank Garland and James Burton, an obvious camaraderie with his backing musicians, and evocations of Presley’s travelogue movies, it’s a warmly engaging listening experience. Check it out.