Himesh Patel

Pencil Portrait by Antonio Bosano.

Himesh Patel Pencil Portrait
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Himesh patel’s breakthrough role was in the Beatles related film Yesterday.” After a lengthy stint in “Eastenders,” the immensely popular BBC soap drama series which I personally avoid like the plague, our man is now branching out.

The actor left the cast of “EastEnders” in 2016, appearing in the TV series “Avenue 5.” As of this writing, he can be seen in “The Luminaries,” based on Eleanor Catton’s 2013 novel, a tale set in New Zealand which follows a cast of characters with mysterious pasts against the backdrop of the 1860s goldrush.

Framed as a love story, we see Himesh as a romantic lead once more as Emery meets Anna Wetherell (Eve Hewson) on a ship where they share a brief flirtation before parting, making plans to meet again. The first impression of Emery shows Himesh, 29, can play smooth and not just the awkward everyman. Charming and capable, there’s a sense that Emery won’t be bumbling his way through this tale as perhaps Tamwar would.

Furthermore, he had reportedly taken up baking during the 2019 “Covid 19 lockdown.” Whether making banana bread or white bloomers, he was enjoying some ‘downtime’ after a particularly busy period in his professional life, and more than ready to enter his fourth decade. Asked if the idea of turning 30 sat well with him, he was succinct in his response – “I think so. I say bring on the next ten years. Let’s see what happens. I just want to make sure we keep making good work, and strive to make better work.”